Hot work tool steels


As the leading producer of tool steel worldwide BÖHLER is focused on solving the most demanding customer problems when it comes to toolmaking. One of our top priorities here is hot work tool steels.

Hot work tool steels are alloyed tool steels for use in appli­cations in which the surface temperature is generally above 200 °C. During the application the tool briefly comes into contact with hot material, the temperatures of which are well above 200 °C. Besides long term thermal load, there is the additional stress due to periodic change of temperature.

Tool steels for such applications have to be able to stand up to not only the universal mechanical and abrasive stress generally occurring in tool steels, they have to stand up to thermal load as well.

Special materials subjected to vacuum refining or melting during at least one stage of manufacture.

Hot work tool steels in ESR quality with special heat treatment

Hot work tool steels in conventionally quality with special heat treatment