Available product shapes: Open Die Forgings, Long Products, Semi-Finished Products / Billet

Product description

V361 is a 3% Cr-Mo-V nitriding steel, offering a tensile strength of up to over 1350MPa. Due to the optimized production route via VIM-melting and VAR-remelting, the steel offers high impact strength and fatigue limit. It may be nitrided in the heat treated condition to obtain a wear resistant surface.

Property features

Gears, crankshafts, aircraft parts, bearing races. The alloy can be deployed for high strength non-nitrided parts of for nitride components, where high mechanical properties are required in the core.

Technical data

E32CDV13 1.7765 6481 33CrMoV12, 32CDV13 ASNA 6128

Chemical composition

  0.33 0.25 0.55 3.05 0.95 0.30 0.015 0.10 0.25 0.005

Chemical composition (average %)

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