Available product shapes: Open Die Forgings

Product description

Highly stressed components for the aircraft and rocket industries. Constructional and tool steel for hot and cold working tools used for long-time service at temperatures up to approx. 450°C (840°F). Machine tools, pressure vessels, gearwheels (nitrided), screws, precision parts, tools for hydrostatic presses, cold extrusion tools, cold heading and embossing tools, plastic moulds, die casting tools for aluminium and zinc alloys, hot pressing tools, cold pilger mandrels.

Property features

Ultra-high-strength maraging steel. In contrast to heat treatable steels its outstanding tensile properties are not due to a hardened structure with relatively high carbon content, but to precipitation of intermetallic phases from a ductile nickel bearing matrix containing almost no carbon.

Technical data

1.6354 6521, 6514 Marage 300 K93160 X2NiCoMo18-9-5

Chemical composition

max, 0.005   max, 0.05   max, 0.05   5.00 18.50 8.80 0.70    0.11

Chemical composition (average %)

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